The Beer Can Man

For every strange, public attraction built around someone's personal obsession, there are untold numbers of people who've each built their very own world of wonder behind closed doors. Take, for instance, the Beer Can Man of Minneapolis, Minnesota, who personally amassed thousands upon thousands of vintage beer cans, witnessed by public eyes only briefly after his death.

Graphic artist Sean Tubridy snapped a few shots as they were hauling the collection out of the building where he works. Most, he said, were from the late '70s or older. Many were still unopened.

"So the deal is these belonged to a guy known as 'The Beer Can Man,'" Tubridy wrote. "He had a place in our building and collected these along with bar signs and all sorts of other stuff. He died a while back and it's all gone now and these are being hauled away. They can't be recycled for the deposit because they are tin and steel. Still, a few nice finds in there."

In the end, workers removed twelve trailer-size dumpsters full of cans.

Even though this occurred back in 2006, I felt it deserved continued recognition as a masterpiece of collecting. Truly a missed opportunity for an astounding roadside attraction.

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