The Lifesize Mousetrap May Be Coming To A City Near You

Seriously, what kid ever actually played Mouse Trap by the rules? I remember there were dice, cards — wait, were there cards? I don't know, because like everybody else, I just put together the Rube Goldberg device, turned the crank and watched the chaos unfold.

Like the rest of us, artist Mark Perez recognized where the real fun of the board game lay, and thus set about creating his own version, but scaled to life-size proportions. Titled simply The Lifesize Mousetrap, the 25-ton work of art imitates the functionality of the original — crazy stairs, bathtub and all — culminating in the drop of a two-ton bank safe onto a car (whenever they can find one to crush).

The giant contraption is currently on the road with the Maker Faire, having just hit the Henry Ford Museum in Detroit, Michigan. And with your help, Perez hopes to bring it to New York, New York; Pittburgh, Pennsylvania; and Austin, Texas, as well. He's set up a Kickstarter page to accept donations, and although he and his group have just reached their stated $6,600 travel-budget goal, they can still use any extra help they can get.

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