The New Roadside Resort Is Up!

So, for the last few months I've been working to upgrade the Roadside Resort, and today it's finally live!

I've completely rebuilt the back end from the ground up, eliminating a lot of the clutter and hacks that prevented me from updating the site as often as I'd like.

I've also updated the photo gallery to something that I hope is a little cleaner and more user-friendly. I'm also working on uploading a backlog of roadside photography that I've accumulated over the years.

Plus, there are plenty of other little changes and features that have been added in that should make the whole site a bit nicer to navigate. For example, registered users can now subscribe to comment threads to keep up with any discussions they'd like to follow.

I'm sure there are a few cracks still to be filled in, but have a look around while I smooth things over. If you find any errors of quirks, please let me know.

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