Heading off to destinations yet unexplored with more friends crammed into the car than can comfortably fit can make for quite the memorable road trip. Yet, "the more, the merrier" can often turn into a tension-filled disaster if you don't make the right plans.

Lindsey from Always the Planner has compiled a list of tips for just such an occasion, offering advice on how best to avoid arguments and make the most of the trip for everyone. Among them is one I always advise for any group of 5 or more:

"Schedule times for the group to break apart during the trip. When putting together your group itinerary, make sure that you leave chunks of time for the group to easily break apart. This allows everyone in the group to do some of the things that they want to do but the rest of the group doesn't. It also breaks up any in-group tension by giving everyone a break from one another if they want it."

Do you have any tips for traveling in groups?