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Had my second book signing Saturday up in Denton. I have to say it was another great turnout! More good muffins, too. But I earned them this time by signing four 3-foot-tall stacks of Weird Texas before I left. Bad news, I guess, for the guy trying to sell one of my signed copies on Amazon.

I've also been hopping around the state taping a segment for Channel 8's Why Guy, Mike Castellucci. So far, we've hit the Cathedral of Junk in Austin, Stonehenge II out in Hunt and the Eiffel Tower of Paris, Texas, up near the border. The weather hasn't really been with us, but it made for a couple of interesting shots at Stonehenge II.

I haven't a clue what footage they'll be using from all of this, but hey, any excuse to put on my best Hawaiian shirt. Hell, they could've just told me they were buying me dinner at Austin's Chuy's and I would've made the trip.

Speaking of Chuy's, by the way, there's an odd little creature on one of their shelves I notice every time I go there. I can't stop staring at it the whole meal. I don't know what it is, but it triggers some extremely faded childhood memory. I have a weird little feeling it's from some Japanese superhero movie or something I saw when I was about 8 or 9. I've tried convincing the Chuy's manager to sell it to me, but he won't go for it.

But back to the Why Guy. Today, we stuck a little closer to home and shot what I believe will be the meat of the story in Aurora, the little town that's not so famous for its 19th-century UFO encounter. Legend has it the alien pilot's little green body is buried in the local cemetery.

Of course, you can read all about these sites and more — cue the shooting-star animation and the little jingle — by getting your own copy of Weird Texas at Barnes & Noble.

By the way, I ran across an abandoned gas station on the way back from Paris. Anybody know anything about a place called Scavenger's Hut?

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