Tag: Why Guy

Went out to Aurora today. Aurora's the little town northwest of Fort Worth where legend says there's an extraterrestrial buried in the local cemetery. This probably makes my 12th visit in the last five years or so.

I'm not sure what keeps drawing me out there. It's not like they have a UFO museum or a flying-saucer parade or anything. There was an alien gift shop at one time, but it didn't last long. Now it's just an ATV repair shop painted in an unusually bright green.

Today, though, I had an excuse. TV's Mike Castellucci, otherwise known as News 8's Why Guy, invited me out to shoot a new intro for the package we shot back in October. He was kind enough to help me plug Weird Texas, so I figured I could spare a couple of hours to help him tape a quick transition for the story's second broadcast. He plans to include it as part of his upcoming "Why TV" special airing in a few weeks. ... Continued

Had my second book signing Saturday up in Denton. I have to say it was another great turnout! More good muffins, too. But I earned them this time by signing four 3-foot-tall stacks of Weird Texas before I left. Bad news, I guess, for the guy trying to sell one of my signed copies on Amazon.

I've also been hopping around the state taping a segment for Channel 8's Why Guy, Mike Castellucci. So far, we've hit the Cathedral of Junk in Austin, Stonehenge II out in Hunt and the Eiffel Tower of Paris, Texas, up near the border. The weather hasn't really been with us, but it made for a couple of interesting shots at Stonehenge II.

I haven't a clue what footage they'll be using from all of this, but hey, any excuse to put on my best Hawaiian shirt. Hell, they could've just told me they were buying me dinner at Austin's Chuy's and I would've made the trip. ... Continued