Sigel's Sign Sees The Neon Light

Last month, I received word that the incredible Googie sign that had stood in front of the Sigel's Liquor here in Dallas since 1953 was coming down with the razing of said location. Thankfully, Sigel's was smart enough to preserve the sign, planning to erect it again in front of another of their stores.

Well, I just got word that, after a month's wait, the sign will finally be installed at their outlet in Addison, Texas, tomorrow morning at 9:00.

If you can't make it, Sigel's rep Jasper Russo says there will be an official dedication sometime next month.

We are still planning a dedication ceremony and sales event for the formal recommissioning of the sign. This will probably happen after the 4th of July and will feature a 1950s theme, including a sale featuring a number of high profile wines and spirits at 50% off.

The new location is at 15003 Inwood Road.

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