Tag: Backyard MASH

A few days ago, I reported on a man who built a nearly exact replica of the set from MASH in his own backyard, but to my dismay, I couldn't determine his location except to say that he lived in Orlando, Florida. Well, today I know where he lives!

Admittedly, I hadn't done all that much research — hey, it's Christmas week, after all — but thankfully, Laura Leu from Asylum stepped up and tracked him down for me. The creator's name is David Dilday and he has proclaimed himself the world's biggest MASH fan. Together with his best friend since childhood, Brandon Crisp, he built the compound in just 1,000 square feet of lawn.

In fact, it's the second such replica the pair have erected. A much younger Dilday and Crisp, together with a few other friends, built a scale version of the Swamp back in 1983, which they used to re-enact a home-movie version of MASH's final episode. Twenty years later, they decided to build another version in Dilday's backyard, only much more accurate. ... Continued

Writing three installments for the Weird series of books has led me to dozens of unique and outrageous homes. Few, however, have made me utter as many excited expletives as the reconstruction of the entire MASH set in one man's backyard.

Known so far only as Kraw27, this ambitious visionary has even recreated the Swamp (Hawkeye's tent, if you're not familiar) in unbelievable detail, right down to the homemade still. According to his post at the HGTV website, it makes a great place to host poker night.

What's more, Kraw27 has also built a pretty awesome Indiana Jones-themed TV room.

I'm currently working on getting more information about the mysterious Kraw27. If anyone out there knows anything, please send me a note. With any luck, I'll be able to pay him a personal visit in the near future. ... Continued