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Attractions & Other Oddities

There's good news for all the fans of the Weird series. The Marks (Moran and Sceurman) are currently tying up a sequel to Weird U.S.!

Weird U.S. 2, which should be released around October 1, will bring together another set of oddities from across the nation, some of which I myself have been lucky enough to contribute.

My additions, should they make the final cut, will include many of the sights I saw on my trip up north last August, like the Floyd Collins museum, featuring "the Greatest Cave Explorer Ever Known," the International Concatenated Order of Hoo-Hoo, an exclusive organization that does not revere what you probably think of as a "hoo-hoo," and the Mindfield, a bewildering Tennessee structure reminiscent of L.A.'s Watts Towers.

I also wrote about what I've termed the Stubby Hubble, a small town's tribute to Missouri native and astronomy legend Edwin Powell Hubble, the complete text of which I've posted here as an exclusive preview for all the fans of the Roadside Resort. ... Continued