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One thing I've heard pretty consistently when talking to fans of the Weird series of books is that they love the cover design. I can't take credit for it, unfortunately, but I agree. It's simple, clean and eye-catching, just the way a book cover should be.

Sadly — no, thankfully — for every cover design that's great there are a dozen that are, well, not. And Nathan Shumate has assumed the task of compiling the best of the worst at Lousy Book Covers.

In case you aren't already aware, the derby theme this week over at Shirt.Woot is "Road Trip!" And, personally, I think the design pool could use some fresh blood, so I'm calling all Roadside Resort readers to head on over and submit your own ideas. You could win $1000!

If you don't know what Shirt.Woot is or how it works, be sure to read their FAQ. And if you happen to win because I pointed you in their direction, I'm just letting you know a complimentary T-shirt sent my way (size medium) will not go unworn.

Good luck!